Failed to connect to server: Connection refused (111

Nginx Error 111: Connection refused | DigitalOcean Jun 08, 2016 Connecting to the Perforce Server For information about setting environment variables for most operating systems and shells, see "Setting and viewing environment variables" on page 148.. If your site is already using Perforce, your system administrator might have already set P4PORT for you; if not, you'll need to set P4PORT yourself.. If you've just installed the Perforce server yourself, you already know the host and port Failed to connect to server: Connection refused (111 Jun 18, 2010 socket #6, error 111: Connection refused - Linux Support

The data area passed to a system call is too small. ERROR_INVALID_NAME. 123 (0x7B) The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. No more threads can be created in the system. ERROR_LOCK_FAILED. 167 (0xA7) Unable to lock a region of a file. ERROR_BUSY. The operating system cannot run %1. ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS. 183 (0xB7)

Failed to create directory, please verify if the root directory of the partition with largest free space on system and boot disk is writable. 0X*****374 No network computer in filtering constraint. 131 Linux Error Codes for C Programming Language using errno The following C code snippet tries to open a file through open system call. There are two flags in the open call. O_CREAT flag is to create a file, if the file does not exist. How do I clear up error 111-connection refused? | Yahoo

Cassandra CQLSH – error(111, “Tried connecting to [(‘’, 9042) March 24, 2019 by Natik Ameen / Big Data , Cassandra , NoSQL Database When trying to connect to a node in the Cassandra Cluster using cqlsh, I get the “Unable to connect to any servers.

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