Jul 04, 2020 · Most important is the setup for the Secondary router. Before I start, do the HARD reset on it. Connect a cable from my computer to the LAN port just next to the WAN port on my router. Set my browser to, and open the dd-wrt GUI. (Because the dd-wrt on Buffalo use as the router IP.)

How to set up a repeater bridge using a Dlink DIR615 flashed with DD-WRT Toto VPS guides for setting up DD-WRT Router manually. Install and configure a VPN on your DD-WRT router with our easy step by step setup guide. Oct 07, 2016 · How to Configure DD-WRT Router as Wi-Fi Repeater. Before you do anything else, take note of the security settings of your primary network. You can find them in the setup page of your main router. Keep in mind that you should not click “Apply Changes” before the setup is completed. Go to Basis Setup screen in the Setup page and select Jul 16, 2015 · Having said that, though, you can certainly use your DD-WRT router as a wireless repeater to solve almost all of your cable length problems. Configuration Steps. Make sure that you backup your configuration before beginning and be aware of all of the settings on the setup page you have enabled before you begin. DD-WRT Wiki & User forum. Currently the main sources for more detailed information are the Wiki and the User forum. While the wiki contains step by step instructions how to setup DD-WRT the forum is a place for direct communication with DD-WRT users. It allows the exchange of information and experiences. Bring up the DD-WRT setup page. Look at the upper right corner at the numbers next to WAN IP:.These should not be, if they are then you will need to go back to the normal repeater tutorial and assure that you are connected to the host AP. If you can connect to on your computer browser and see a setup page for DD-WRT, do a (final) 30/30/30 "hard" reset on your router, then check that you still see the DD-WRT setup. If so

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