No Laughing Matter: Parody Songs And Australian Copyright

The parody or satire defence is relatively new in Australian copyright law, having only been introduced in December 2006, and is somewhat untested, meaning not many cases before the courts have used it as a defence. In so far as the reporting of news defence might apply, the word ‘news’ is given its ordinary meaning, which is the reporting Changes to Australian copyright law | Department of Changes to Australian copyright law This year has seen important changes in copyright to strengthen creative protections, promote greater access and simplify copyright duration. Share: Copyright - Wikipedia Under current Australian law, although it is still a breach of copyright to copy, reproduce or adapt copyright material for personal or private use without permission from the copyright owner, owners of a legitimate copy are permitted to "format shift" that work from one medium to another for personal, private use, or to "time shift" a Copyright in Australia Australia, in line with many countries, has special copyright laws to protect the words written by one person from being used by another person without consent. This protection is called copyright because it gives the person who wrote the words the exclusive right to copy them or say who else may use them.

Qualified person refers to an Australian Citizen, protected person or resident for works (s.32(4)) and also includes a body corporate incorporated under a law of the …

Authors, creators and copyright owners have the right to protect their work against possible infringement and prevent others from using their work without their permission. In Australia, copyright material is subject to copyright as soon as it is created. The author or creator does not have to do anything to gain copyright and protection for Copyright myths - Copyright Agency There are some provisions in Australian copyright law that allow the use of 10% without permission in special circumstances. For example, students can use 10% of a work for their research or study, and educational institutions can use 10% of a work under the ‘statutory licence’ for education. Copyright in Australia - Art Business Info. for Artists

Mar 18, 2015

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