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So if you wanted all the emails from your mother in one folder, you'd enter her email address under “From.” Now, all of your emails from Mom can be found in one place. 5. How to hide an email address with Bcc in Mail on iOS and Mac Apr 24, 2019 Changing "FROM" address in mass email blasts to send on As a SFDC admin I frequently send out mass email blasts on behalf of our sales reps. I would like to be able to change the "FROM" address to reflect the specific lead owner rather than my email address. It is easy enough to edit the signature information in the email template, but I'm still sending the email from my user account.

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How to Hide Your E-Mail Address in Outlook. Outlook 2013 requires a From email address, but it doesn't have to be your primary business address. If you want to conceal your address when composing a new email or replying to a message, you have two options. Changing the default email address on … How do you hide email addresses when sending to a group in Dec 04, 2019 How to hide email addresses in distribution list in Outlook? Hide email addresses in distribution list. In Outlook, if you do not want to display the email addresses of the recipients, you can use Bcc. 1. In the Message box, click Options tab, and click the Bcc button to display the Bcc field on the message header.. 2. excel - Hide sender email address when sending email There is no way to hide an email address which is not it the local address list from showing up, but if the recipient is in the same organization (same domain/server), and use a shared global address list, it might be possible to have the contact available to anyone, thus showing the contact from the global list.