VeraCrypt icon in Taskbar Notification Area will change from VC logo to a drive icon with an open lock - this shows that a volume is mounted and encrypted files are usable. You can now use the encrypted volume as any other drive - open it in Windows/File Explorer, create folders, copy, move and delete files, etc.

How to make a Truecrypt file appear to be changed for Oct 07, 2011 Download Portable TrueCrypt 7.1a - softpedia Furthermore, TrueCrypt lets you change the password, backup and restore the volume header, set devices to auto-mount, permanently decrypt system partitions or drives, create a rescue disk, use an

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As a TrueCrypt volume is effectively a formatted disk drive, there is no way to directly change its size. However, a new volume can be created that is the correct size, and the contents of the "old" volume can be copied to the new one.

Getting Started with TrueCrypt Drive Encryption on Mac OS X

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