Windows XP - Repairing a Lost Internet Connection

windows xp - Disable internet access but leave LAN working I'm looking for a command (or command line program) to toggle (disable/enable) internet access to the outside world in Windows XP machines. It should temporarily block internet access but leave the LAN working. I looked for ways to change the DNS, but browsers like Chrome keep their own cache. The machines are configured via DHCP. Windows XP Firewall - How To Turn Off ALL Internet Access Mar 14, 2014

Windows XP or Vista - How to disable network access

Dec 10, 2002 · End-users connecting on campus through the campus network and/or at home connecting through cable modem or dsl no longer have an internet connection. SOLUTION To run the Windows XP network repair tool: Click on Start. Click on Control Panel. Click on Network Connection. Right-click on the LAN or Internet connection you wish to repair. Oct 25, 2019 · Block a Program From Internet Access via Windows Firewall. If you’re not sure which programs are accessing the internet, one easy way to find out is to open up Windows Resource Monitor.

Windows XP's Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) protects your network against undesired incoming traffic from the Internet -- everything from casual port scans by bored teenagers to serious break-in attempts by determined hackers. ICF creates a protective barrier between your network and the Internet, only passing through traffic that you've requested.

Block the IP address of the workstation that you want to restrict at the router which passes traffic to the internet. Or are you saying that 2 different users use an XP machine and you want to allow User A access to the internet but deny User B access to the internet from the same machine? Apr 24, 2018 · I have had to reinstall the Windows XP software on my old laptop to run a legacy teaching program. When I use Internet Explorer (as installed) it blocks my access to the internet. I vaguely remember this problem from way back & think it refers to a security setting, but can't find one that works. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best and easy way to block Internet Access from Windows XP computers with exceptions We have several Windows XP computers being used as lab computers are a couple of our facilities (not where I am). They need to have Internet access blocked on them for the exception of a couple of websites used for timekeeping, HR training, etc.