C:\Program Files\NaviSearch\bin\nls.exe C:\Documents and Settings\User\installer_MARKETING35.exe C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\GHIJKLMN\webservice[3].htm C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\GHIJKLMN\webservice[5].htm

hijackthis logfile to remove ssk.exe PLEASE | Tech Support Nov 23, 2004 OS/2 SIZZLE Boot Disk (v7.68.18) | PCjs volume in drive a has no label directory of a:\ ibmbio com 49408 1-07-87 12:18p ibmdos com 172881 1-07-87 11:45a oso001 msg 40730 1-07-87 1:41p cmd exe 47056 10-22-86 7:41p command com 23724 10-22-86 7:41p country sys 6175 10-22-86 7:57p msg exe 5824 10-22-86 7:58p nls exe 3124 10-23-86 8:38a swapper exe 4150 10-22-86 8:04p ansicall exe 3165 1-07-87 12:19p bkscalls exe 3611 1-07-87 12:21p help! no internet connection due to reckless deletion Nov 13, 2004 webrebates.exe - WebRebates, Spyware Notice!

OS/2 SIZZLE Boot Disk (v7.68.18) | PCjs

C:\Program Files\NaviSearch\bin\nls.exe C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\APD123.exe C:\WINDOWS\etb\pokapoka76.exe C:\Program Files\System Files\System.exe C:\WINDOWS\QWRtaW5pc3RyYXRvcgAA\command.exe C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\FrameworkService.exe C:\Program Files\LimeWire\LimeWire.exe Rundll.exe - Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal Jun 22, 2007

WinTasks Process Library In the recesses of your computer, 20-30 invisible processes run silently in the background.

windows-nt-2000-xp - Bullseye Network!! Helppp! | DaniWeb Means you are running it from your desktop. It needs to be in its own folder.. what wrong with running it from your desktop? your desktop is a folder! it just means all the back up files will appear on your desktop if you dont want them just delete them there is no problem with hijackthis running from the desktop. it wil fucntion just fine I've gone thru all steps - still problems | MajorGeeks Nov 21, 2005 Visual C++ runtime and more [CLOSED] - Virus, Spyware Jun 20, 2005 nmindexstoresvr.exe Program Details : Windows Tasks